Apple Developer Fee Calculation

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Do I need to pay Apple developer fees to create iOS applications?

I recently witnessed talking among students who are discussing the development of iPhone applications. One of them said that to develop iOS apps, you must pay a huge fee. Another person replied that their friend was wrong and had all the development tools available for free. But who's right - are you really required to pay for iOS application design, or is there any way you can do it without any fees? Let's check this out.

How to start iOS development

There are several main things you need to consider:

  • You may become a member of the Apple Developer Program without any fees
  • Apple's Xcode IDE is free to download, but only for Macs
  • If you want to post your app on the Apple App Store, you need to register as an iOS developer. This formal membership fee is $ 99 per year
  • If you need to test your embedded application in Xcode, you can install it on your own iPhone or iPad without any fees

More Considerations

You should also remember the following:

  • If you are developing an application that is not intended for public release, but you do not want to use it internally, you will incur a corporate fee of $299 per year
  • There may be some additional fees involved, such as source control. You can check the details on the Apple website. Usually this fee does not exceed 100 US dollars
  • Now you know how to start as an iOS developer

Can I have an Apple Developer Account without this?

Many application development beginners ask this question. They download Xcode on the Mac and run the application on the emulator where they seem to be working. However, they want to test their products on real devices so that 100% of the programs they create are well-behaved. They do not plan to make money by launching applications in the App Store, so they want to know if they have the chance to install their apps on their device without paying $ 99.

Test your application without fees

After the release of the Xcode 7 IDE, developers can test applications on their smartphones without paying for it. Everyone get an opportunity to test their apps without any fees on personal devices made by Apple. With the latest versions of Swift and Xcode, creating iOS apps has become easier than ever to ensure their quality. You can simply sign up for Apple ID and run the application on your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple product.

Xcode benefits

If you have Xcode installed, you may check it immediately. You do not even need to be a member of the Apple Developer Program. You may find more information about testing iOS apps on your personal device on Apple's official website. So now, you know you do not need to install dangerous third-party source software to test your application on the simulator - you can do it officially by downloading Xcode and using your iCloud account.

Do I need an Apple developer or an Apple membership?

If you are creating software for iPhone or iPad and want to publish it to the public, you should be a member of the Apple Developer program. One way out - you can create a web-based solution that iOS users can access from a web browser installed on your device, but such web-based solutions are often inferior to native solutions, so we do not suggest You follow this road. Therefore, you only need to sign up for licensed Apple products where users can download and install them when you want to distribute your products through the App Store.

Apple Developer Member Type

Programmers can use two types of developer programs: a single license and an enterprise-level Apple developer program. Clients often ask us what kind of membership they need, which is why we want to tell you the difference between the two types of membership. If your goal is to publish your app to the App Store, there are two types of developer plans that work for you.

iOS Developer Program

Fee: $ 99 per year


  • Distribute the app through the App Store
  • Software Testing on Apple Personal Devices
  • Usage: When you develop and test software, you submit it to the App Store and go through the review process, which takes about 10 hours. If your app is approved, it is available from the App Store.

iOS Developer Enterprise Program

Fee: $ 299 per year


  • Assign applications directly to company employees
  • Test the software on your own iOS-based mobile device
  • Accept technical support services
  • Usage: When you develop and test an app, you can start right away with no comment

Which member to choose?

As you can see, the primary criterion for choosing the right kind of Apple Developer membership based on your decision whether your product is public or private.

So, in another way:

  • If you plan to distribute apps between Apple device users, you need to sign up for the iOS Developer Program.
  • If you build your local app for internal use, you need to sign up for an iOS Developer Business Plan.

Any other questions?

When you choose the software that suits you, you can create the product you want - you are not limited. In addition, you can both register programs, publish it to the public, and create software for the employees. If you have any questions about iOS software development or want to talk about your company's digital possibilities, leave us a message and we'll be happy to help.

Is it difficult to make an application?

The mobile market is very attractive for all businesses. The barriers to getting into it are very low and you do not have to be a million dollar genius building a mobile app. Do you have a great idea to be the next Uber or another angry bird? Than continue! If you have a lot of free time and want to learn the basics of programming, you can turn your ideas into a steady source of income. The availability of features and development tools gives everyone the advantage of becoming a celebrity in the mobile world. If you want to get into the exciting world of smartphone apps, you should be ready to learn a programming language for the chosen platform or invest in solutions built by professional developers.

Why is experience important

We are the leading team of iOS and Android developers based in Sydney with offices around the world. We have the experience to guide you through the development process from the initial design to the design,coding and quality assurance phases. Whether you are a startup company or a company that has a recognizable brand, we can handle companies of all sizes.

How much does it cost to develop an application?

If you are new to software development, the price tag may seem daunting. Today's development fees about $ 15,000, a very basic program. In other words, you will pay the money to get a program that performs only a basic function, from 3 to 5 screens and a very simple design. If you want to add more features, the price will start at around $ 25000.

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