Average Cost for iPhone App Development

Last year, total revenue from the App Store reached $ 28 billion, while application developer revenue exceeded $ 20 billion.

But for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of these developments, the potential is meaningless if they can not answer a simple question: what is an average cost for iPhone app development.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an iPhone App?

The average cost of creating an iPhone app ranges from $ 80K to $ 250K + depending on the type of app you are creating:

  • Simple app costs can reach $ 80,000.
  • The cost of a basic database iPhone app is between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000.
  • Advanced multifunction apps cost in average $ 150,000 - $ 250,000.
  • Depending on the quality and detail, the game application price can range from $ 100,000 to $ 250,000.

Delivery times vary depending on your engineering team or development company. A simple iPhone app takes from weeks to a month, a database application takes more than three months and a more complex multifunctional app takes in average three to nine months.

What Determines the Cost of an App?

When calculating the cost of creating an iPhone app, we look for three high-level factors:

  • Number of platforms
  • Design Requirements
  • Complex

Let's review it one by one.


There are two options here: native and hybrid / cross platform.


The native iPhone application is written in the same programming language as the platform. For example, for iOS, it's Swift.

These apps are usually faster and more reliable. They can use phone features such as the camera and the address book. Native development on the platform usually leads to a better and clearer user experience (UX). They are usually more expensive than other solutions.

Hybrid / cross platform

"Cross platform" means that they are built for various operating systems - usually Android and iOS. They are like native app, but are built using a combination of native and Web technologies delivered through native application stores.

They run on both platforms but do not have access to phone features, and the design can be tricky because the two operating systems have different conventions.

Design Requirements

We offer three design packages:

  • Standard
  • Additional charge
  • Custom

If your application has some design requirements that can be modeled, it takes less time - and can save costs. According to experience: in average, the more customization, the greater the cost.


This is where it gets complicated. Development and quality control processes can take more time when you want to build complex resources or integrate with other platforms - this requires cost considerations.

Typical complexity includes:

  • Information provided by third parties
  • Payments
  • In-app purchase

What Complexity Increases the Cost of Application Development?

"Complexity" can also represent functions and features. These include:

  • Simple iPhone app: It will be a three- or four-screen program that provides a basic function without storing data. An example is a calculator or a timer.
  • Database application / API: If your application needs to store some data on the device of a remote user or server, you will need something more complicated. If users need to sign up and sign in, sync data across devices, or if you have a lot of content to use, your app falls into that category.
  • Custom / Enterprise Apps: This is your category if you want to offer a variety of key features and a fully customized user interface design tailored to your needs. The term and price may vary depending on the scope of the project.
  • Games: Like other programs, the complexity and functionality of the game vary and the average cost changes accordingly. In addition to app development, games require a high-quality user experience, storyboards, and mechanisms to connect users, which increases overall cost.

How much will your App Cost?

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