Have a Look at Our Featured Cases

We are a trustworthy IT company which gained its reputation due to timely delivery and compliance with the customers’ requirements. We know how to achieve business goals via information technologies and will happy to share this expertise with our customers. Here you can find some of the evidence of our success track record.

Video Call

One of our applications was dedicated to the development of an iPad platform for video chatting. The main purpose of the project was to create a child and senior-friendly user experience ensuring the elimination of unwanted content and contacts. Our developers also integrated interactive functionality that enables users to browse pictures via the library and take instant pictures during the call. One more thing our team paid attention was the ability of the program to work in a background mode.

Price Calculator

A client approached us to build a web-based application with calculating functionality. The program was developed to support managers’ work via automatically generated price offers. We enabled it to create PDF and XLS format documents. The application can calculate the price in four different currencies including EUR, UDS, BRK, LA-UDS. The administrate manage the price lists, discount percentage, services price list and training price list. We developed the app introducing the principles of responsive design, ensuring its intuitivity and ability to adjust to different screen sizes.


We eagerly took this project because our team likes the idea to make knowledge more accessible wherever you are. The project implied the development of e-learning platform that unites educators and students enabling both types of users to meet their needs. Students can access online courses which are offered by educators and get teachers’ feedback. Besides, the website also works as a job searching platform enabling employers to find the required specialists.


The system was developed for the federal authorities with the aim to improve the incident reporting practices from the field. Thanks to the tablet application the tonnes of paperwork can be eliminated as data capture is accomplished in a digital way. Besides, inspectors can take pictures and videos directly from the field and attach them to their reports. Additionally, we implemented geolocation functionality. The program also visualises data letting field inspectors see the picture clear.

Face Control

One of our projects presented a mobile application for the hospitality industry, namely bars, clubs, and restaurants. The application was designed to enable the places’ owners to screen their customers for the age verification purposes as well as membership data viewing. The application was developed for the security staff and can scan magnetic stripe and barcode in ID cards and membership cards. The program also collects data about customers visits and enables the owners to analyse these data.


Working with a representative of healthcare providers with numerous branches all over the Australia, we were asked to build a mobile application that can easily connect the local public with a nearby healthcare provider. Its functionality includes the features which let make appointments via the mobile client and integrated third-party customers healthcare systems for scheduling appointments. The search results are displayed on the integrated Google Maps in an intuitive and familiar user experience.